Monday, November 24, 2008


OH MAN!!! I GOT IN!!! haha. was slacking in the morning before i start my revision. and ta da! i got in. so it's still accessible la daniel! haha. eric! where's the thing u wanted to show us?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

still some "oomph" left in us..

Through the 2-hour bike journey we had @ ECP today, we learnt that though bones may be brittle, we still have it in us!

After 1 hour of almost continuous cycling.
The noisiest tandem bikers ever...Aggie is happy.. And it's not just the endorphin working its magic..Wei ShengGlum much?Arkroyal..This picture is indescribably funny. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

CG Outing on 14 June @ ECP

Remember how we had a lot of ideas what to do on 1st June, since Open Sunday was cancelled?
We were traditional/conservative/not adventurous/too Woodlands-loving, and thus ended up at Causeway Point. Not that it wasn't fun. It was. :)
But! Now's the time for us to explore a little more of Singapore together.
(Idea spawned while Qiu Yun, Aggie and Sherrie were taking a long long MRT ride together.)

When? 14 June 2008. Saturday.
Meet? 1000 hours. Woodlands MRT
Where? East Coast Park!
What? Breakfast-Cycling-Lunch-Games-Dinner Combo
Who? Everyone if possible. Daniel will be in Japan though. :(

We shall meet at 10am and have breakfast, most likely at Woodlands. We shall then head to East Coast Park, rent a bike, and start cycling like mad. After that probably lunch somewhere. Games are next (will need contributions). Lastly dinner (was thinking Bedok Blk 85 or Chong Pang or Botak Jones or IKEA Tampines or wherever. Open to suggestions)

List of things we need/to note:
1. Games - Aggie bringing Taboo. Try looking around for Balderdash people. Games need to be windproof! Or cheap enough so that it doesn't matter if they get blown away. Just let me know what you can bring.
2. Floor mats - I'll probably be able to get 1 or 2. Supply will be based on demand. See how many are going.
3. Sunblock - Bring your own

Please block your calendars! The more the merrier.
Let me (Sherrie), or Qiu Yun know if you can or cannot come.

Ideas are very welcomed.

BREEKS and more..

Instead of Open Sunday... BREEKS! @ Causeway Point!

The start of a nice meal..
Zoey. Hogging the camera. :)Scary.. Daniel is looking right into the camera lens
Look at poor Aggie, craning her neck, being blocked.
Fork and knife ready for chicken.
Ok what's Daniel doing? Nonetheless this is the last shot at BREEKS. Kept camera and started eating.
And after the boys are gone...
Zoey pigging out on an entire cake!Just the girls.. Happy, we are.
Qiu Yun taking a picture with AggieQiu Yun likes taking picturesShe really does. :)Aggie is happy she's no longer blocked, as other two show their remorse.. What will we do without the guys..?

ArkRoyal rocks.

This is me.
Me = Sherrie

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Updates of the month!! :)

HEYS! Welcome to the MOST ulu blog... haha!
ok! It is not exactly the month since we're approaching the end already. BUT!! finally got to update..
here goes!!

Duty Roster for BS!!! :)

















Please check and prepare accordingly. If you can't make it, try to tell Daniel in advance k?! Cheers! :)

NEXT UP... we have our long awaited CG OUTING DAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Date: 1st Jun 2008 (next sun)
Time: yet to be confirmed!
Place: yet to be confirmed too!
But we were thinking of hanging out the whole day, since ppl will come and go. Daniel proposed to fetch Eric from the airport. it'll most prolly start like 1 plus? since we all have stuff in church in the morning. pls reply in the tagbox if you all want to go anywhere in particular!

Suggested places:
- ice skating
- cycling at Pulau Ubin
- challenge another CG in games
- Massive Games Day (indoor) ex. Charades, Taboo, Pictionary, Balderdash etc.
- KBox?!!!!!!!!
- Baking/cooking Day --> Picnic, fly kite.. (sounds pretty family to me. haha)
- Who Sleeps First?!!
- Laser Quest + Bowling @ CDANS (might be hard since laser quest requires advance booking)

Do feed back yea?! :) or can SMS Daniel! Have a nice week ahead!

Signing off,
News Reporter, Tay Zoey (Fake abit la! haha)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sherrie says Hi!

It's been 5 months since I joined Arkroyal. And I'm Lovin' It!

Anyway, thanks for the cards given to me for my Baptism (this is long due)

And also, :) thanks for the bday present and the encouraging words from everyone.

Sherrie looks forward to more CG sessions, more outings, and more fun with Arkroyal!

PS: 1st June people! Can't wait. Heh heh. There better be something good. :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Recruit on the Block

Ok, so now the time has come to say goodbye to the third person from our CG to head to serve the nation as a soldier. Eric was first, Weisheng was second, now we must all say goodbye to Eugene.. We'll miss his lame jokes and his floppy hair, and his occasional blur look when he doesn't get the crap the rest of us are talking about.

So this is just a reminder to everyone to remember to keep him in prayer as he goes for his transition to botak-guy. And also to keep all the others in prayer too. And this is also to thank him for providing our CG blog with music.

Ok, some prayer requests:
Andrew, via Qiuyun: He's got a trip coming up, not too sure the details, maybe Qiuyun can update a bit more when she knows

Sherrie: Pray for her family's salvation, but most importantly for her younger sister.

Please feel free to add your own prayer requests ok.

Finally, for entertainment's sake, we have the 2nd army guy this year! Cheo Weisheng, a.k.a. Dominic, a.k.a. the manga lookalike, in his post in front of goal, trying to make sure no one scores against him during the April Open Sunday.

Weisheng the goalkeeper.
Unlike Jie-the-disturber-of-peace-and-justice,
Weisheng believes in diving before the ball even reaches him.

Yup, that's about it.